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2015 Walking Challenge

Get your walking shoes ready and your laces tied up because the 2015 Walking Challenge is here! Grab a buddy (or 2, or 3 or 15) and together let’s get active and reach new health goals as we (virtually) walk across the California coastline. The 8-week challenge runs from April 6 – May 31 and online registration opens March 9th!

Take Strides

Get your walking shoes ready...

Shape Up San Francisco and the Health Service System are partnering to bring you this year’s Shape Up San Francisco Walking Challenge from April 6 to May 31!

Registration opens March 9th!

We challenge you, your family, neighbors, and colleagues to get moving for 8 weeks and see if you can make physical activity part of your routine. The Shape Up SF Walking Challenge encourages you to be:

  • Active at Any Age: This program is for everyone regardless of age, current physical activity level, and health status. Choose the type of physical activity that is right for you and get moving.
  • Active Your Way: Walking is easy, fun, and free, but you can use any kind of physical activity you prefer for this challenge. If your movement can't be calculated as miles, just use the formula that 20 minutes of moderate activity (i.e. gardening, biking, swimming, basketball, or dancing) is equivalent to a mile.
  • Active During the Day: Do you sit most of the day? Getting up and moving restores energy, helps concentration, and provides the many health benefits associated with being physically active. Remember, physical activity for bouts of 10 or more minutes have positive health benefits.
  • Get a team together and record your physical activity over the course of 8 weeks. Your team’s goal is to log at least 1,016 miles, the equivalent of the California coastline. After you complete the 1,016 miles along the coast of California, your team can choose whether or not to continue with a new challenge across the country and if you are brave enough, around the world!

    To participate, simply start or join a team, log your miles, and track your weekly goal as you improve your health. Make sure to check back to our website regularly for updates on NEWS AND EVENTS and be sure to utilize all the great, local RESOURCES AND TOOLS available. If you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT US for more details.

    Check out the Closing Celebration Highlights for last year's 2014 challenge.


    Check out our FAQ page HERE.

    For all other questions please contact the Amanda Vergel de Dios at staff@shapeupsfcoalition.org or call (415) 581-2458.